All about my life on this island.

Bonfire on the beach

On Sunday morning I called up my uncle, who is awesome by the way, and his girlfriend, and said let’s go to the beach. Monday is a holiday here, so why not? The whole long weekend, I hardly did anything. Let’s face reality – there’s nothing to do on this island. Zilch. Nada. No mall, no movies, no bowling alleys, NOTHING exciting. So the beach is our thing. Well we went around noon, there’s a beach right down the street from my uncle’s house so I just met them at their house and went. My mom and her boyfriend came after I called them, and then some other friends showed up as the day went on. There had been a party with a band (and probably strippers) down there on Friday night, and they had made up these wooden decks and stages. Yes, this island is tacky like that… people do go to a public beach and have shows or concerts or whatever you want to call it, they set up a full bar, and charge people to get onto the beach and into their party.

Anyway, my uncle decides (after we’ve been drinking most of the day) that we should stay on the beach all night and drink… and that we should burn all these pallets and tables and such that these people had brought to our beach. Hence the bonfire. I left around 9:30pm because I had my daughter and her friend who wanted to go home. They stayed there until almost 2am. What a party!! But I must say, these are those few things I enjoy about island life. Where else can you go to a beach all night and have it yourself? Where else can you go and have not one, but TWO huge bonfires and no one call the fire department? Here, that’s where.

pics of the beach by day and by night


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