All about my life on this island.

Paradise.. maybe.

This is where I live.

No, I don’t live in the water or on the beach. In fact, when I want to go to the beach, I usually have to drive at least a few minutes by car or boat. This is a place where we went in summer 2010. We were making conch salad, and along came this huge stingray so I tried to get a picture of it. When I looked back at the picture a day later, I realized what an awesome picture it really was.

When I tell strangers that I’m from the Bahamas, they get all excited and say “Oh it must be nice to live there! You’re so lucky!” Do I feel lucky? Sometimes. I feel lucky because I’m blessed with family and a few close friends. I have beautiful water to swim in, and as terrified as I am of seaweed, and jellyfish, oh and sharks, that’s definitely a good plus.

To understand why this place is so great and yet not, you’d probably have to live here for a while. Or just continue to read my blog. In the near future, I will be talking about many things in reference to this island. Well to start with, I can give you just a little info on it now.  Abaco (Bahamas) is actually made up of many smaller islands. It’s known as the Abaco Islands, but most people just say Abaco, it’s easier. We call all the smaller surrounding islands “cays’ (pronounced keys). Population is probably 30,000 give or take. But everyone knows everyone pretty much. Everyone knows everyone’s BUSINESS. That’s one of the things I hate most of all. Small town = small minds.

This place thrives off of tourism, it cannot survive without it. Yet we have some extremely rude people in businesses. People here tend to run on their own time, they think everyone has to wait on them. “Island time, where everything is much slower.” Fly here on a commercial airline, you’ll see what I mean. I’m still amazed that the airport and the service within it doesn’t turn people off forever. Nothing is made here. We get everything from the United States, or other resources. So everything tends to be enormously overpriced, and produce is usually not as fresh as it should be. Example: milk is $6.99 a gallon. That’s actually fairly cheap compared to what it was last year.

I won’t drone on and on about too many things, else you might think I’m a complainer. HA. Understatement. Stay tuned for more posts, as I will focus on a new topic everytime, to give you better perspective on how it really is to live on an island!


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